Explore God in Austin

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Can you remember these numbers: 300, 6 and 2?

300 churches in the city of Austin are partnering to love the lost and broken people of the great city of Austin. Three hundred! That is a remarkable witness to Christian unity, a chorus of prayer and hope for thousands who don’t know life, forgiveness and freedom through Jesus Christ. What’s the “6” about?

That’s how many weeks long our effort will last. For six weeks all my sermons will deal with tough questions seekers ask, and for each of those weeks our small groups will discuss the same topics. Our first Sunday is September 8th.

And now the “2.” My challenge to all the people of Christ Church is to identify two people, who don’t know Christ, who are curious or open–two people who you can invite to come to Sunday worship and/or small group with you during these six weeks. Start praying now. Start asking the Lord to put on your heart and mind the friend, hairdresser, neighbor, co-workers, etc. that He wants you to reach out to in love.

Check out this video from the Explore God website, and then go here to see all the articles and videos that will be helpful to our seeker friends, when we kick off in September.

300 churches, 6 weeks, 2 of your guests, because of one Savior,