Special Announcement

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes


Dear Christ Church,

We love Austin. What does that mean? Does it mean “have great affection for?” Yes. But even more so it means to serve the city, seek the flourishing of her citizens and institutions, to live our lives within her rhythms, love our neighbors, and as a church to situate ourselves right in the heart of Austin. Read to the bottom for a great link on this topic.

We are grateful for God’s extraordinary provision of central city facilities for us, a “mobile” church, with sufficiently large space for worship (and onsite storage!), additional space for discipling our children each Sunday, as well as offices and weekday ministry space within walking distance. That’s a tall order for an urban center, where land is scarce, but the Lord has provided generously.

This call to the city center requires some flexibility in logistics like parking. For years we’ve parked in lots and streets all around the TexFed. We will continue this strategy, but I want to make sure you are aware of the closing of one lot and the opening of new one for our use. The Freewheeling Cycles lot is no longer available to us, but the Lord has provided even more parking spaces just a block or so away, at the University Towers parking garage (read, shade from summer sun!). See the announcement below for details. We are asking some segmented groups to park in particular places. We begin this Sunday.

About that link I mentioned . . . check out this compelling article, “A New Kind of Urban Christian” by Tim Keller. This is a great articulation of what we are about at Christ Church, where our mission is to “build a community of fully devoted followers of Christ, with a heart of the city and beyond, to the glory of God.”