Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

This Sunday is Pentecost! Fifty days after Easter we, the church, celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit, as promised by Jesus and written about in Acts 2. At Pentecost, God sent His Spirit as the means by which the whole world might be called to Jesus and renewed in his likeness!

Pentecost presents an opportunity to celebrate that God’s presence has been made available to all people. In Acts 2, the crowds in Jerusalem hear the Gospel in their own languages. We are going to celebrate this by having our Scripture readings this Sunday read in a number of languages that are represented in our community. This is a small way to remind ourselves that the Spirit is poured out on all and that we are part of a global, Holy Spirit community. As disciples of Jesus we now, whatever our nationality, background or past, can experience the same intimacy with God that Jesus had with His Father.

More than just a celebration, this Sunday also provides us with the opportunity to seek the presence of God more fully. At Pentecost the disciples experience the presence of God in a radically new way. In line with this aspect of Pentecost we are going to have a specific time of prayer for the presence and power of the Spirit to move in our lives. Prayer teams will be available to specifically pray to this end with you, for more the Spirit in your life. I encourage you to consider coming forward for prayer!

Finally, I’m excited that the Hines family, having just returned from mission work in Uganda, will be with us this Sunday. Travis Hines will be preaching with a particular focus on how the Holy Spirit relates to mission and outreach. He’ll be sharing from the Bible and also out of their own experience in mission. Ultimately, the Spirit is given that we might be made whole and empowered to serve, to partner with the work of the Spirit in the world. At Pentecost, the Spirit was sent not just for the disciples themselves but that they might be witness to Jesus and His Gospel. The Spirit plays the same role in our lives today!

I look forward to celebrating Pentecost with you this Sunday.

Kyrie Eleison (Come Holy Spirit)!