In Jesus’ Name

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

” . . . in Jesus’ name, Amen.” That’s how we end our prayers. Is it a perfunctory tag-on? A magical formula? Neither. It’s our declaration of the sovereign grace and lordship of Jesus Christ over all His creation, your life and mine.

I’ve been reading a book by Andrew Purves, who writes “If the name of this man Jesus is the name of power, if it means the actuality of God in present experience, then it is a fundamental challenge to the status quo. Everything apart from the name of Jesus is profoundly called into question, including every claim to power and authority, whether political or religious, social or personal, intellectual or moral.”

This is not just a question of public importance; it’s also personal and individual. Again, from Purves: “By what name will I live and act? By what name can I accurately interpret history? By what name is there a ground for hope beyond the ravages of divorce, cancer, abuse, war and death?”

Lord, deepen our dependence on you at Christ Church, and in our own lives. Lead us into radical trust, to live as beloved daughters and sons, who love you and our neighbors with sacrificial generosity and hospitality. In Jesus name, Amen.