Stewards of Creation

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Creation groans. We might not readily think of the suffering of creation as a result of sin’s entry into the world, but Romans 8 tells us that creation groans because it too was subjected to futility and bondage to corruption. Creation groans with us as together we await the restoration of all things, we “wait eagerly . . . for in this hope we were saved.”

From the first verse of the Bible to the book of Revelation creation is celebrated as God’s handiwork, declared “very good” and worthy of our attentive care. The major doctrines of creation, incarnation and resurrection (Jesus’ and ours) are a divine stamp of approval upon creation. This Sunday we will look at the call of Christian discipleship to be stewards of all God’s creation.

From 2nd century bishop Irenaeus, to 16th century reformer Martin Luther to 20th century evangelical leader Billy Graham–across the centuries Christian leaders have attested to the biblical call upon Christians to live as harmonious and respectful stewards of God’s creation. Billy Graham writes, “We must take into consideration God’s authentic purpose for this planet. We must be responsible stewards of the resources we have been given by God, and I believe we have gone too far too fast and put elements of the environment in jeopardy.”

There are many Christian organizations that are thinking, working and mobilizing the church in this arena of discipleship. Here are a few links you can follow: Blessed Earth, Evangelical Environmental Network and A Rocha. Also, keep your eye out for more details on an event that Christ Church will co-sponsor this fall with A Rocha on environmental stewardship, with world-renown biblical scholar Dr. Richard Bauckham. See you Sunday!