New Hope

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes


Dear Christ Church,

We have been set free from oppression and captivity. The gospel does not just take us from good to great, a life improvement on offer to all takers. The gospel rescues desperate sinners like me. Without this stark clarity, we might as well skip Holy Week and jump to the miracle of the resurrection on Easter Sunday. We can’t do that, however, because resurrection joy and glory are bought at a price, the costliness of the cross, the declaration that God suffers with and for his creation. This is the divine drama, that Jesus enters our sorrow to give us his joy. Holy Week is our opportunity to participate in the divine drama, to walk with Jesus through his final days, and then to be risen with him in hope and newness of life. Please join us for our moving joint services with Hope Chapel, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, 7pm. See details below. Have you thought about whom you might invite to Easter worship? Here is a link to an electronic invitation to send your friends who don’t know Christ, or don’t have a church home.

Under His Mercy,

PS Earlier this week I had the honor of serving as the Chaplain of the Day for the Texas Senate. Here is what I prayed.