Art in the City

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes


This week’s CliffNotes is a guest post by Terri Fisher, leader of the Christ Church Arts Ministry.

Dear Christ Church,

The arts ministry of Christ Church began in the winter of 2008, with a list of about 10 names and high hopes. We started small and have seen continual growth in our contact list, which is approaching 100. Through the years there are three things that have guided the vision and endeavors of the arts ministry. First, to provide opportunities for the artists to grow deeper spiritually. Second, we endeavor to be inspired and formed by the rhythms of the liturgical calendar. And third, we have a heart for mission. We strongly believe that the Gospel is to go forth through every given means. One of those means, crucial in today’s culture, is art in all its forms.

The ways in which the artists bring their gifts to Christ Church vary. This has included creating several devotionals, small encaustic art pieces for each individual of Christ Church, multi-media presentations, the creation of an Advent play, complete with an original soundtrack, and our largest to date collaborative project, the encaustic cross that is with us throughout Lent.

From March 13th-16th we will be engaging in our first mission-oriented effort to serve the city of Austin. In collaboration with Hope Chapel, Christ Church is leading an art installation called The Wall Project: Touch the Word. This is a multi-media event that will create several pieces of art. First, there is the wall itself which will measure 8’x12′. Local artist, Jim Janknegt, has sketched out a modern cityscape that looks like it could be 6th Street. In it, Jesus is seen moving through the crowds in acts of touching and healing. Jim will be painting the mural over the four-day period. He will use images of people passing by as models to include in the painting. Surrounding the cityscape will be a border where passersby can engage with the art by adding anything from a handprint to a painting.

In addition to Jim’s work, and in response to how people are engaging, there will be two journals, one for written art and one for visual art. The artists from Christ Church and Hope Chapel are invited to sign up for blocks of time to engage and contribute to the installation. There will also be blocks of time for performers to offer their gifts in front of The Wall.

If you would like to engage with, or support The Wall Project: Touch the Word, please contact Terri Fisheror Drake Dowsettor visit the Wall Project website through the website above.