A Missionary God

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Our God is a missionary God, reclaiming and redeeming all creation. He invites us to join Him. This June Christ Church is taking two teams to Guatemala June 8-15, and June 15-22 to partner with a Guatemala urban mission, perched on the edge of one of the largest garbage dumps in the world. Thousands of people, entire families included, live off the food and items (they called them “treasures”) they are able to scavenge from the city’s refuse. In God’s eyes, these people themselves are the true treasures. The Casa del Alfarero (Potter’s House), Christ Church’s first Global Partner, will host our teams. Come impact others’ lives, and let it change yours! We will hold two information meetings: this Sunday (24th) and March 17th, in the mezzanine from 12:45-1:15pm. The deadline for applications is March 22 (see below for details). Why leave the U.S. when there is so much need right here at home? The “Kingdom” Factor: Christ our King is establishing his loving reign in all creation, and He invites us to partner in the proclamation and demonstration of the good news of Jesus Christ. The “Retreat” Factor: mission trips function in our mission/evangelism formation the same way retreats do in our spiritual life formation. Getting away from all distraction and responsibility in our familiar surroundings opens our hearts and minds to new movements of the Spirit in our life. The “Discomfort Zone” Factor: Going to an unknown place and being the “stranger” works out our trust muscles and gives us another perspective; it helps us to grow in understanding our weakness and dependence on God. The “Teamwork” Factor: Traveling and eating, sleeping and serving alongside each other teaches us how to lay down our rights and sacrifice individual agendas for the team’s mission. The “Mosaic” Factor: God has created a rich and beautiful mosaic of peoples and cultures. The more we understand the global breadth and richness of His creation the more we love His world with His heart. We also become less ethnocentric, seeing North American culture and Christianity more objectively and humbly. The “Great Commission” Factor: Jesus commanded us to go into all the world.

That no one would stand alone, in Austin or the Guatemala City dump.