Hoecake? Hoedown?

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Do you have your tickets for the Hoecake Hoedown? The Oxford English Dictionary defines hoedown as “a lively folk dance; a tune for such a dance; a social gathering for dancing hoedowns.” And it defines hoecake as . . . well, the good chaps in Oxford, England apparently haven’t sampled a good corncake off the griddle; the word doesn’t appear in their dictionary.

In just one week (Fri. Feb. 8) a bunch of lively and social Christ Church folk will gather to dance to some good tunes, and eat some delicious Kerbey Lane pancakes (close enough to the traditional fare!) Be sure to get your tickets this Sunday after church, or at the church office, and join us as we celebrate the end of Epiphany and prepare ourselves for those good Lenten soul-scrubbing disciplines.