Many Parts, One Body

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

The bible employs several different images to describe Jesus’ community of disciples, such as a family, temple, bride and the human body. The human body is a complex organism composed of thousands of individual systems that coordinate for each function.

The family imagery highlights the value of relationships while the temple highlights the community as God’s dwelling place. And whereas the image of a bride highlights the community’s belovedness, the body highlights our servanthood by unique roles. This Sunday we will look more in depth at what it means to be the “body” of Christ, many parts but one whole, serving each other and our world for the praise of His glory.

Just as our financial giving is a joyful and grateful response to the generosity of God, so is generosity with time and service. This Sunday is “Celebration Sunday,” a day of celebrating the gifts God has given to us, and our privilege of returning to Him. Please be in prayer about your own financial pledge for the year, and how God might be leading you to an arena of service in our community.