Household Matters

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church Family,

I like to think of church business matters as “household management,” part of family life that’s just as necessary and holy as all the relational and ministry aspects. Today I have an update on this front.

“For God so loved the world, He . . ..” I bet you know the next word, and can likely finish that sentence. It is the most familiar verse in the Bible, but not until recently in my life have I paid close attention to next word in the verse: gave–He gave His only Son. God displayed his lavish generosity as a demonstration that He “so loved.”

God created us to be like Him, givers in His image. Generosity is one of the principle ways in which we love, whether it is through giving gifts to each other, giving encouragement, honor, a shoulder to lean on or a floor to sleep on. Generosity is also one of the ways we love God. On Sunday, January 27 we will celebrate God’s provision in our lives as we make our annual pledges, an opportunity to set some time aside and think through our financial gifts to God and commitment to His people at Christ Church. May we be a people known for how we reflect the image of God in our generosity!

We have another important Sunday coming, one week earlier, Sunday, January 20. This is “Vision Day,” where I will report on Christ Church’s vision, looking back and looking forward. We will also have copies available of an annual report with updates on our core values, and from our various ministries. Rather than conduct a beginning-of-year financial report after worship, as in recent years, we will make available a printed overview of the 2013 budget on Sunday morning, January 20th, and hold a mid-week meeting Thursday, January 24th 6:30-8:00pm at our offices for everyone interested in more in-depth reporting and Q & A.

In the next 3-5 weeks we will also be introducing two new Vestry candidates to replace Scott Friesen (Senior Warden) and Ann Cushman, who have completed a full term of service. Many thanks to you, Scott and Ann!

Here’s a simple summary of the above “household matters.”

Generously blessed,