Tell Them

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

My heart has been turned to Jesus in a unique way the past few weeks. It’s one of those stretches that comes unbidden, a surprising sensitivity to the relief of the gospel, a quickening of the emotions at the beauty of grace and the power of hope.

I love Jesus. I am amazed that he would meet me in the mess of my sin, that he would bear the weight of suffering and anguish that ought to be mine. I love him for that, and I love him for his victory over injustice and his present-future promise to put all things right in this messed-up world. Christine and I went to a Christmas choral performance this week, in which one of the lines sung was, in the voice of a herald, “tell them that the war is over.” I imagined that good news coming to people all across the globe, on the frontlines of battling one’s personal demons and the forces of evil in our world, weary and waiting: “Tell them that the war is over.” Good news, indeed.

Come, Lord Jesus. We love you, and await your coming.

This Sunday we continue our preaching series on Advent with the Prophets, this time with the word of the Lord to Zephaniah.

Under His Mercy,