Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

This week’s Cliff’s Notes is a guest post by Bryan Brown.

Dear Christ Church,

We have held Concerts of Prayer in years past, but it has been awhile and I wanted to share some thoughts about the service and what makes it significant in the life of our community.

One of the markers of Concerts of Prayer is a sense of EXPECTATION. We wait on the Lord knowing that He is already actively at work within us and around us by the power of the Holy Spirit. A Concert of Prayer creates a space where we listen unhurriedly for God to nudge us in new directions, allow Him to expand our perspective on the specific things that we can join Him in praying for, and invite Him to align our wills with His. We enter this space with the knowledge that God longs for us as His people to reach out to Him and the confidence that He is with us now and always.

Another marker is what I call INTERCESSORY ZEAL. There are things that God has deposited in each of our hearts – concerns, dreams, hopes, and callings – that a Concert of Prayer allows to pursue corporately. We will pray together in earnest for the things of God’s heart and those things that He has placed on ours. The Prayers of the People we use each Sunday give us a broad frame upon which to hang our weekly prayer as a body, but a Concert of Prayer affords us the opportunity to pray for people, places, and things that we do not have the time to name and pursue when gathered for Sunday worship.

A final marker is UNABASHED WORSHIP. Through the music, prayer, and liturgy of a Concert of Prayer, we intentionally place ourselves in an active posture of worship. We choose to focus our attention squarely on God and speak and sing the praises that He is always due. Our community at Christ Church was born out of a deep commitment to bring God glory in all we do and this remains a distinctive to this day. Concerts of Prayer are another opportunity to come as individuals and as a body into God’s presence to present ourselves as living sacrifices, acceptable and pleasing to God.

I invite you to come and explore this unique service and with expectancy, knowing that the God who made us, guides us, and loves us longs for us to come and meet with Him.