Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

We live in a sex-saturated society, wrestling with this good and beautiful gift of God, but often distorting it. In his book Wishful Thinking, Frederick Buechner writes, “Sex is sinful to the degree that, instead of drawing you closer to other human beings in their humanness, it unites bodies but leaves the lives inside them hungrier and more alone than before.” While it may lack prescriptive precision, this description of illicit sexual behavior gets at the true heart of human sexuality: relationship.

Lust, however, attempts to find sexual satisfaction outside of loving relationship, not only divorcing sex from the context of marriage, but also from any kind of loving and real human relationship. This Sunday we continue our series on the Seven Deadly Sins, with a look at one of our sins that causes the most shame, that we are most likely to keep in the shadows. As we bring this topic into the light as a congregation this Sunday, may the brightness of God’s mercy and grace set hearts free.

Because of the nature of this sermon, I want to be sure that parents are aware of the subject matter ahead of time. Our children’s ministry receives kids through age 12. For this Sunday, I would recommend sending all pre-adolescent children out with the cross before the sermon. Parents might also want to prepare for some post-sermon conversations with your adolescent children.

Lastly, please note the announcement below; we will hold a Sunday afternoon session (men only & women only) on lust, taking the conversation a little further.