Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

What a fantastic weekend we had together at the retreat! From the teaching to the ropes course, and from the Talent Show to the Healing Service and baptisms–the Lord met us powerfully. I laughed hard, played hard, worshipped and prayed wholeheartedly and delighted in meeting some of your for the first time and deepening friendship with others.

This weekend we continue our series on the Seven Deadly Sins, taking a look at avarice, otherwise known as “greed.” How much is enough? How do we know and what are we willing to sacrifice on the way to our definition of “enough?” More importantly, how does love of money, and all that money can buy, dehumanize us? Most importantly, how can the good news of Jesus Christ liberates us?

A quick prayer request: we would love to have your prayer lifting us up as the Vestry and I go on retreat together this weekend, to learn, grow and discern together. The Vestry members are: Scott Friesen, Ann Cushman, Len Skiles, Meghan Scully, Jack McCool and Sheri Tolliver. We’ll return in time for Sunday morning services, eager to worship with you. Apparently, at last weekend’s retreat many of you were overheard expressing the same sentiment I was feeling: “I love this church!”