Thank you, Jan!

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Jan Duncan joined our administrative staff in December 2009, replacing Dena Seligman as the person responsible for keeping our office in shape. She’s the person who has answered your emails to the church, the phone when you’ve called and brought some order to our office and our lives. Jan has decided to step down from this position on staff, but looks forward to being part of the Christ Church community and serving God’s people in other ways. Today is her last day in the office, so please take the opportunity in the weeks to come to find her at church or otherwise communicate your appreciation for her ministry among us.

Jan has served during a crucial time of our ministry. Just to illustrate the administrative challenges through which she has served us, and to recall our own story of God’s blessing and move among us, let me recap what we’ve been through during the last three years.

We went from one worship service at the Senior Activity to two, relocated worship to the TexFed, where we have likewise gone from one to two services (core value: Intentional Worship). We started a campus of Christ Church in Sun City (core value: Changed World). When Jan started we averaged around 250 worshipers, and now more than 425, including Sun City. We’ve added two full time staff (advancing all of our core values). We moved our offices from East 7th St. to the current location (Jan and Laura did the lion’s share of planning and outfitting our office transition). We’ve substantially extended our mission in this city and around the world, as well as added several new ministries within Christ Church (Changed World). We’ve added small groups and hosted many potlucks, Hoedowns, Ceili’s and Parish Retreats (core value: Community).

Thank you, Jan, for letting God use you to achieve His mission for Christ Church!


PS If you know someone who might be interested and qualified to take the torch as Executive Assistant and Office Manager for Christ Church, please contact Brian Murphy.