Kingdom Community–Parish Retreat

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Have you registered for the retreat? You won’t want to miss the annual fun and fellowship of our annual Parish Retreat. One weekend together can accomplish more than dozens of occasional interactions with fellow Christ-Churchers. Come deepen friendships, establish new ones and be ready to laugh, learn and grow.

Our guest speaker, Fr. David Roseberry, will walk us through Lord’s Prayer. This short prayer of Jesus, a model for all his followers, is packed with depth and power. It touches on God’s forgiveness and provision, His sovereignty and reign, our temptation and deliverance–yet all this still does not exhaust the riches of Jesus’ prayer. As we dive into the deep end of Jesus’ prayer life, we will not only grow in our own life of prayer, but also in our knowledge of the magnificence and mercy of God. And as we become a people who cry from our hearts, “thy kingdom come, thy will be done,” He will shape us as a kingdom community.

David Roseberry is an ordained priest and is the founding Rector of Christ Church in Plano, Texas. Planted in 1985, Christ Church Plano is an Anglican congregation with a mission to “Go, make disciples and teach them to obey the commands of Christ.” Christ Church Plano is a member of the ACNA (Anglican Church in North America), where The Rev. Canon Roseberry is acting as Vicar General on behalf of Archbishop Duncan to form a new diocese. He served as the chairman of Anglican 1000 for the ACNA and currently sits on the Archbishop’s Cabinet. David and his wife, Fran, have four grown children and five grandchildren.