Archbishop Duncan

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Earlier this year Christ Church began the transition into full membership within the Anglican Church of North America, pending a process of discernment about who would serve as our bishop. We were recently honored to receive a letter from Archbishop Robert Duncan in which he received us a parish under his care. Abp. Duncan has provided godly frontline leadership for Anglicanism in our country (and globally) for the past ten eventful years.

Check out this great introduction to and interview with Abp. Duncan. This movement of North American Anglicanism continues to grow, plant churches and mature around the continent. We expect that in the next few years more dioceses will form in regions across the country, including here in Texas, at which time we would participate in a more local diocese. In the meantime, we are grateful for the oversight of Abp. Duncan, and his strong support to continue planting churches and building gospel-based local partnerships and dioceses, for the advance of the kingdom of God.

Lastly, I am eager to worship with you again this Sunday, after a beautiful stretch of doing mission with other Christ Church-ers among the poorest of the poor in the city dump of Guatemala City.