Doctor of Ministry

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

I am delighted to share with you some good news. Later this month, as part of my continuing education, I will begin studies for a Doctor of Ministry, which is designed as the highest professional degree “to broaden and deepen a person’s understanding and skills for ministry.” The degree is designed for integration with one’s active post in ministry (I’m staying at Christ Church, in case you were wondering). For each of the next three years I will spend some time with my cohort of pastoral colleagues on the campus of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in Boston.

Each year will focus on a different aspect of the pastoral life: The Pastor as Caregiver/Counselor, The Pastor as Person, and the Pastor as Preacher. At the end of this month I will begin the first seminar. You can read more here about what I’ll be learning and a sample of the books I’m reading in preparation. I would love to have your prayers undergirding this period of further fitting and shaping for gospel ministry.

On another note, I will launch a new preaching series April 22. We will spend this spring and summer in Paul’s letter to the Philippians. This is many people’s favorite Pauline letter, packed with the beauty of the gospel and the joy of life in Christ, written from the oppression of Paul’s confinement in prison, of all places. I highly recommend that you download this audio file and spend 21 minutes listening to Bruce Kuhn dramatically perform the text of Philippians.