The Social Impact of the Gospel

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

What social good has Christianity done in the world? Dr. Bob Woodberry, a faculty member in the Sociology department at the University of Texas, will address this question in the next talk of our Faith & Culture Series. In his own words, here’s what you can expect from the evening:

“Many of us have absorbed secularist versions of history and/or cringe at triumphalist stories of the Christian origins of democracy, etc. Christians owned slaved, colonized other people, and participated in many other forms of exploitation. Yet, even careful, nuanced historical analysis suggests that much of what we consider modernity has important Christian roots. In this talk I explore how Protestantism spurred mass education, mass printing, widespread voluntary humanitarian organizations, and non-violent social protest movements. Protestant missionaries spread these innovations globally and fostered major reform movements (including the abolition of slavery) which radically transformed the economies and political systems of the world.”

Join us March 25! And please let us know you are coming (see details below).