Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Today is the twelfth day of Christmas.

Today is better known as “Epiphany” in the church calendar. Matthew records the story of three sojourners from the east who heard about the birth of Jesus and traveled far, bearing gifts, to meet him. Though God long ago had promised that His people would be a light to all peoples and a blessing to all nations, the birth story remained an “in-house” affair. Up to this point all the characters are Israelites.

Then come the three wise men, Gentiles, representatives from “the nations.” Their encounter with Jesus launches the global and historic world-changing mission of Jesus Christ.

This is the twelfth year in our millennium, a year in which Christ Church will be stepping into mission with even more purpose and passion. Our mission is both local and global; it involves both proclaiming and demonstrating the gospel, the Light of the world that shatters the darkness. We have been honored with an invitation to participate in God’s mission to make all things new, one year at a time, one life, one community, one step of joyful obedience at a time.

Check this out! . . . take 4 minutes and listen to T. S. Eliot read his Epiphany poem.