Announcing a New Ministry!

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Todays CliffNotes is a Guest Post by Brian Murphy, Executive Pastor

“. . . whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” –Jesus

The woman at the well was totally broken. Five husbands and now a live-in boyfriend, this was scandalous even by Samaritan standards. The Samaritan woman did have one thing going for her, however; she was thirsty. Jesus did not use her sin against her. Instead, he offered thirst-quenching, living water.

When I was first introduced to Cross Current, the pastor making the announcement used the story of the Woman at the Well to describe our need for a lasting healing and freedom. He said, “Cross Current is a healing ministry for those of us who have been wounded and broken in our relationships and sexuality. That includes about 99.9% of us in the room.” A friend of mine said that, when she heard the pastor’s comment, she thought, “Hmm…I must be in the .1% that isn’t broken.” But I knew where I stood – alone, wounded, trapped and thirsty – just like the Samaritan woman.

Cross Current is an eight-week, Christ-centered prayer ministry for men and women seeking grace and truth in their relationships, and wholeness in every arena of life. The ministry integrates worship, teaching and healing prayer in each meeting. Cross Current provides a safe, confidential environment for men and women to share honestly in both small group and large group settings.

I answered my pastor’s invitation and joined the group. As I became vulnerable, confessing my sins and identifying my wounds, Jesus did not disappoint. I began to experience true healing of an accumulation of life’s hurts, forgiveness of sin and freedom to live in the fullness that Christ offers. My journey of healing is not complete, but I can honestly say that without the role that Cross Current has played in my life, I would not be here at Christ Church.

Good news! Jesus still offers living water to those who are thirsty. The information regarding the first Cross Current groups at Christ Church is below. Please pray and consider if Jesus is inviting you to join us.

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