Front Row Seat

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

This week as a pastor I have witnessed the ravages of sin, the problem of pain, the healing power of the gospel and the gathering of new communities for the sake of spiritual formation. As your pastor, I often get the privilege of a front row seat for the drama of redemption, the place where broken world meets gospel in both very personal and corporate ways. What a privilege!

We’re growing! Each week we have many people coming to Christ Church hungry for Christ and community. There are two things everyone can do to cultivate a heart of mission and hospitality as we grow. First, please consider attending the 9am service to open room in the 11am service. Not only will you be serving our newcomers, but you’ll also find better parking, seating and more of your Sunday available. Secondly, develop an “eye” for the “outsider.” Look for the people who seem new or unfamiliar, introduce yourself and give them a warm greeting.

Beginning Sunday September 11, we will begin a 6-week series, in concert with thousands of other believers in many churches across Austin, for a series called “Walls.” Learn more here. Through a combination of sermons and small group curriculum, we’ll consider the barriers that stand between God and us, between each other, between churches and between the church and the city. If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll join a small group to make the most of this opportunity.

Lastly, Come to the Table is back already! This is an evening meal and discussion, designed for your to invite anyone you know who does not have a church home, or who is a seeker or skeptic. We will discuss a Christian perspective on the relationship between meals and beauty, community, justice and hospitality. Please contact to reserve you spot. Remember, you must bring an unchurched friend to attend.