Christ Church Welcomes Associate Pastor!

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

I am very pleased to announce that Peter Coelho has accepted the call to join the staff of Christ Church as Associate Pastor. He and his wife Shannon, married for almost seven years, have a very cute baby girl named Lucy, who is the real reason they were invited to Austin. Thank you, everyone who has been praying for discernment and provision for this season at Christ Church!

Peter grew up in Vancouver, Shannon in the Yukon (yes, that Yukon, that far north!). They met as teenagers at a church camp and, while attending separate universities in the Vancouver area, started dating. Soon after graduating and getting married, they worked cross-culturally as English teachers in Hiroshima, Japan, then returned to Vancouver where Peter recently completed a Master of Divinity and Shannon worked in the film/t.v. industry. Peter had the privilege of working as a teaching assistant under Dr. Ian Provan, an outstanding Old Testament scholar and as a pastoral intern under the Rev. Darrell Johnson, a deeply admired pastor and professor and, I believe, one of the best expositors of Scripture in North America.

Now that’s a bit about their life and training, but I also want to tell you that the call of Christ is upon this couple, the call to vocational ministry, a deep love for the bride of Christ, and for the Scriptures, for making disciples and reaching the lost. If you’ve been around Christ Church for long, you’ve heard reference to our desire to be a “three-stream” church, a place where Scripture, Spirit and Sacrament converge. The Coelho’s have long history in the ministry of Word and Spirit, and have more recently joined the “Canterbury Trail,” with an appreciation for liturgical and sacramental spirituality. Peter will step immediately into our process for ordination to priesthood, with a view to completion sometime mid-year 2012.

We are hoping they will be able to join us by mid-fall; the final and formal confirmation of their call to Christ Church will come when they receive work authorization from U. S. Immigration. Closer to their arrival date, I will tell you a little more about Peter and his role as Associate Pastor, and you will have the opportunity to hear from him personally.

Let’s all become well educated about that great country to the north, Canada! Follow this link for some really fun facts about Canada.

Finally, in case you haven’t heard, the Rev. Dr. John R. W. Stott died Wednesday. Dr. Stott not only joins the ranks of great Anglicans in history, but of great men in the history of the church. His life and work have impacted and inspired me profoundly. I will soon write and share with you some reflections on Dr. Stott, but I encourage you to take a look at these links to see what’s being said about this great man. The Christianity Today piece is a good summary of his life; the All Souls Anglican link gives some perspective from his home parish; and the John Stott Memorial website provides an interactive opportunity to join others around the world in celebrating his life.

In joyful service with you,