Making All Things New

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

This world is sick! What does that mean? . . . that the world is not well? Diseased? Unhealthy? Yes to all of the above. In recent slang, however, it means the opposite: “awesome,” “great,” or “cool.” So which is it? Is this world diseased or great? The answer is both.

The world in which we live is “good, very good” as God proclaimed it upon its creation. But it’s also diseased, because of the far-reaching effects of human sin and rebellion. The good news is that God is the Great Physician. He is healing his creation, from mending broken hearts to reconciling broken relationships; from giving sight to the blind to the healing of the nations (“the leaves of the tree [of life] were for the healing of the nations” Rev. 22:2).

This Sunday we begin a four week series on “Healing.” The first sermon will lay the biblical foundation of the full scope of healing, God’s restoration of all creation. We will then look at physical healing, inner healing and the healing of relationships.

Please join me and others as we pray that Christ Church would be a place of God’s healing, in every way, from individual hearts to the nations!