White Hot Faith

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

“White hot faith” . . . this was part of Bishop Jones’ challenge to our youth who were confirmed last Sunday. I’m no scientist, but I’ve learned that white flames are on the very hot end of the spectrum. To have white-hot faith means that we follow Jesus with such abandon and passion, so wholeheartedly, that heat of our pursuit consumes fear, comfort, temptation, obstacles and trials. Yes! May the youth of Christ Church be known for their white-hot passion for Christ!

Bishop Jones mentioned “white hot faith” as one of five characteristics identified by Steve Addison in his book “Movements that Change the World.” The other four are Commitment to a Cause, Contagious Relationships, Rapid Mobilization, and Adaptive Methods. You can read more about them here.

These five traits characterize macro-movements, like the Anglican church-planting movement in North America, but also micro-movements, like Christ Church. We are on mission in the city of Austin. I want to extend to the whole Christ Church community Bishop Jones’ challenge to our youth: may we be a people of white hot faith, with contagious relationships, ready to mobilize and adapt, for the sake of His kingdom and the praise of His glory!