State of Christ Church

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

“Teacher!” . . . “My Lord and my God!” . . . these were the first exclamations upon seeing the resurrected Jesus, by Mary Magdelene and Thomas, respectively. They knew rightly who Jesus truly is: Lord. Teacher. God. And do you know what was the first thing Mary said after this encounter with Jesus? She ran to others and declared, “I have seen the Lord!”

Can you say that? How have you seen the Lord in your life this year? This Lent/Easter? This week? The living God is all about, moving, working, whispering, building, shouting, rescuing, healing and saving. Where do you see this in your life?

I see theliving God all over our Christ Church family, resurrection power and redemption at work. This Sunday I will share some exciting updates and news about what Jesus is doing in our midst; call it a report on the “State of Christ Church.”

Finally, this will be Nancy’s last Sunday with us. Please find her sometime during the morning to express your gratitude for her ministry among us. There will be a reception with cake in celebration of the Lewis’ after the second service. We love you Nancy and Randy!