Salvation Is Created

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Last year, during Advent, I discovered a new Christmas album that re-awakened me to the meaning of the season of Advent. This season of the year, which calls for quiet preparation and eager longing for the coming kingdom, is especially hard to enter and engage because busyness and consumerism hijack the month. Bifrost Arts helped me last year, with their Christmas album “Salvation is Created.” I love all the traditional Christmas carols, in their traditional musical settings, as much as anyone, but this music breaks through their familiarity and creates a space of quiet anticipation for the Savior to come.

Kevin Twit, founder of Indelible Grace Music, wrote a review of the album: “This is a record that aches with longing and invites us to take off our shoes and lower our voices to a hush as we behold the wonder that is Christmas. I love the absence of bombast in the fabulous arrangements of Isaac Wardell and Mason Neely, and the way the sound envelops you and draws you in. . . . These songs, a great mix of traditional songs, more obscure carols, and brand new Christmas music, do not attempt to bowl you over, but work their magic in subtle ways, inviting you to ponder the great mystery of the incarnation. . . . This record is model of the kind of music Christians should be making, full of deep joy and the heartache of longing.”

Come Lord Jesus!