The Breadth of Anglican Worship

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Depending on where you are, Anglican worship can involve still silence or dancing, spontaneous or composed prayers, spare design or rich symbolism. This Sunday we launch our new two-service format, expanding the breadth of our worship and our capacity to reach out to neighbors, friends and co-workers who are lost, hurting or looking for a new church home. I have two must-see links for you today, each illustrating very different examples of Anglican worship.

The first service (9am) will tap Anglicanism’s ancient roots and rich liturgical resources with a more traditional and contemplative expression of worship. Follow this link to read some of Tim Keller’s reflections on the riches of our Book of Common Prayer.

The second service (11am) will be very similar to our current service, with a contemporary Anglican feel. Exuberance, spontaneity and expressive joy are appropriate modes of declaring the worth, honor and praise of our Lord. You have got to see this video clip (scroll to bottom of linked page), sent from some friends who are serving as missionaries in Uganda! Christ Church supports the Hines’ family in Uganda, where they are training Anglican ministers at a local theological college. What you see in this clip is the celebration following a recent commencement ceremony. Such gratitude and joy in their education and calling . . . this will make you smile all day long!

This Sunday is also All Saints Sunday, when we recall the people in our lives, as well as those who are with the Lord, who have demonstrated loving devotion to Jesus, who spur us on in our faith and who remind us that we are “all saints,” every one of us who has been redeemed by the cross and lives in reconciled relationship to God and our neighbor.

Speaking of reconciliation, what a powerful time we had with Pastor Deo Gashagaza last Sunday. If you would like to contribute financially to his ministry, you may do so here. Pastor Deo has also invited your correspondence, if you would like to be in touch with him by email.

Christ Church-ers love to hang out together . . .bagels and coffee will be available before the 9am service and after the 11am service. See you there!

Your pastor and fellow saint,