The Joy of Urban Mission

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Last Saturday, Lumen (Christ Church’s urban mission) hostedour secondParty in the Park for familiesfrom the Meadowbrook housing project in south Austin. We had a great turnout from Meadowbrook andterrific volunteers from Christ Church. Together we enjoyed face painting, playing games, working on crafts, eating, and handing out books for the children to take home.Iasked some of the Christ Church-ers who came out to the Party to share their reflections on the day.

In the middle of eating our chips and drinking lemonade, Jessica began to tell me how she had been living in shelters during her pregnancy and was thankfulto finally have a place to live . She’d had a stable job until a series of events changed everything and her family had turned her back on her. She said shesaw herself changing (not always for the better) because of her struggles, and yet there was this light in her eyes when she talked about her daughter. Talking with Jessica, I was reminded just how precarious my own sense of stability is. One bad choice or crisis and I could have been on the streets. We’re more alike than she will ever know. All we both are seeking is a listening ear, grace, and compassion.–Pamela Neumann

Iwas amazedthat the kids responded so quickly to our invitations that they arrived at the park before we finished handing out flyers! One child we gave a flyer to started running through the complex to gather up his friends.The children and parents were so appreciative. One mother taughtme words in Spanish as I painted Spiderman on her son’s face. Anothersaid she was looking forward to us coming back in November. –Cheryl Kaufman

The Foulkrod family had a wonderful time getting to know the families at Meadowbrook. It was a huge blessing to be with them. Our girls loved loving on all the children. They can’t wait to go AGAIN! One of them just asked when the next party was planned for. –Tonya Foulkrod

Lily and I had a blast getting to know all the kids. It was just a magical day. Everyone I encountered was so polite and just happy that there was something fun to do. I met one a single mom who just recently moved into public housing. I was touched by here dedication to her daughter. She admitted to me that she had made a lot of mistakes in her past, but the most important thingto her was to make a life for her daughter. –Candi Wendt

We have Beautiful Day projects planned in the Meadowbrook community for November 13 and December 11. Plan now to come out, bring your family and friends, and build relationships with the Meadowbrok families. Please contact me if you’d like to learn more about Lumen and how you can get involved, and please be praying for the Meadowbrook families and for our ministry there. You can see more photos from the Party in the Park here.

Blessed to serve with you in advancing the Kingdom,