Finding Community

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

One of our core values is “Community.” This means that by God’s grace we are becoming a community of real people in real relationship, learning to love one another, celebrate together and bless our world through hospitality, witness and service. Christ Church values the diversity of backgrounds, gifts, cultures and generations in the family of God.

How do you find community at Christ Church? If you’ve found it, how do you deepen the connection? We are moving into to fall, when many people push “re-start” and evaluate their commitments, a time of new beginnings. Here are four concrete ways to deepen your connection to the Christ Church community.

  1. This Mondaycome on outto theLabor Day Parish Picnic.Good food, great people!
  2. Register now for the Annual Parish Retreat, a can’t-miss community-building highlight for the whole church. Our theme this year is “All God’s People.”
  3. Join a small group. Jodi Wicker can help you find the right fit.
  4. Join one of our Ministry Teams.Shoulder-to-shoulder times are as important as face-to-face times for building growing in relationships.

    Have a great Labor Day weekend!