Looking Both Ways

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

In biblical studies “janus” is the term for a passage that summarizes what’s been said and introduces the next thought. It looks back and forward, deriving its name from the Greek god Janus, who was able to see the past and the future. My preaching for the next two Sundays will be one sermon in two parts, a “janus” in our calendar, where I look back at where we’ve come from and look forward to where God is taking us. If you miss one of the next two weeks, be sure to catch the sermon online so you can stay abreast of what God’s doing at Christ Church.

Also this Sunday, we’ll do a back-to-school blessing for everyone involved in education, whether you are a teacher, student, homeschooler or administrator. Do you have a friend you can bring to church this Sunday who might need some back-to-school encouragement?

Lastly, Christ Church life is ramping up quickly as summer ends. Please take some time to read through all the e-news items below and this reminder as we expect to see a very full house in the coming weeks.