Snobbery in the Church

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Snobbery comes in many varieties, humility in just one. Let me review a few of our favorite varieties of snobbery in the church (not just Christ Church, but The Church).

First you have Chronological Snobbery, which inflates the significance of our own times, our own generation or era of history. This variety of snobbery assumes that what’s happening now in contemporary churches, worship or Christian publishing, for example, is just about as good as it gets, second only to what’s coming next.

Then you have Ecclesial Snobbery, a phrase I get from the Greek word for church or fellowship (“ecclesia”). This kind of snobbery doesn’t think it can learn from other “streams” or movements of the church. Such streams of church history include what Richard Foster calls the Compassionate Life, the Prayer-Filled Life, the Word-Centered Life, the Virtuous Life and the Spirit-Led Life, all of which I discussed in my sermon last Sunday. If you missed it, you can listen here; I believe it’s important for our community.

Lastly, there’s Modal Snobbery. In Luke 10:27 Jesus gave us 5 “modes”, or ways, to “love the Lord your God”; we can love him with our heart, soul, strength, mind and by loving our neighbor. These operating modes are the five aspects of being human: emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual and social. This kind of snobbery worships God in a way that elevates one mode above all others.

While we have many snobbery options, there’s only one way to humble ourselves, learn from each other and “present everyone mature in Christ” (Col. 1:28); there’s only one kind of humility, the kind that takes up the towel, takes up the cross and lays down our lives.

Privileged to serve this multi-faceted and gracious body!

P.S. We will soon be serving some fantastic new coffee on Sundays, a fair trade Rwandan brand called Land of a Thousand Hills. All proceeds go back into mission and community development in Rwanda. It’s an excellent cuppa joe. I admit it . . . I’m a coffee snob! Watch this video about Land of a Thousand Hills.