With Expectation

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

What are we aiming for with our summertime focus on the Holy Spirit at Christ Church? I was recently discussing this question with someone and thought it would be good for us all to be praying for these concrete results, bearing in mind that the Lord might, by his sovereign mercies, choose to do more or other than we pray. The Spirit of God, after all, is as uncontrollable as fire, wind and water.

1] To strengthen our expectation in prayer and ministry. Lord, help us to pray and minister trusting that you really hear, truly care and are mighty to act in surprising and even supernatural ways.

2] To till the soil of revival. Lord, we know that intercessory prayer often precedes and accompanies revival. Would you raise up new intercessors and send your Spirit to stir our hearts in prayer for those who are lost and broken, preparing the way at Christ Church for many to “repent and believe in the gospel” (Mark 1:15).

3] To make disciples of the Triune God, especially for anyone who comes from a background with little teaching or experience of the Holy Spirit. Lord, show us the glories of who you are, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; and forgive us if we’ve neglected or grieved the Holy Spirit. We desire to be shaped by the whole counsel of your Holy Word.

4] To pray for healing. Lord, we invite you to come as the Great Physician and bring healing to broken hearts, bodies and souls. We ask this, humbling trusting your sovereign grace, wisdom, strength and love. Would you prepare our hearts and go before us as we look forward to our Healing Service, August 8th?

Will you join me in these prayers throughout the summer?

With expectation,