What is an Evangelical?

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

We never grow beyond the gospel. Ever since the story I shared with you in my sermon last week, the Holy Spirit continues to bring me back to this theme: I’m a sinner saved by grace. And my Father stoops to wash the feet of even me, not just the me that everyone sees, but the “rest of me.” As we focus on the ministry of the Holy Spirit this summer, I’m praying that a new and infectious wave of gospel grace and joy will crash upon us.

Speaking of the Holy Spirit, don’t miss our first summer Concert of Prayer this Sunday at 5:30pm, where the Spirit of God will guide us in informal worship and prayer.

Did I stir the pot last week? I linked my last CliffNotes to an article written by Kevin Offner, who works with university students, in which he observes shifting attitudes and beliefs among students he called “evangelicals.” Some of you might have wondered, “Am I one of those?” or “What is an evangelical?” This is an increasingly complex term in our culture and the media. If you want to think further with me on the topic you can read my reflections in the attached document.