Profiles in Mission Part 2

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Christ Church-er Sarah Larson is living out our core values of Changed Lives and Changed World right here in Austin. We interviewed her about her work with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Tell us about your ministry.
I work with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on the University of Texas campus with fraternity and sorority students. I help prepare students to lead Bible studies in their houses and serve as witnesses to their houses. This is the second year that our ministry, Greek InterVarsity, has been in existence. We want to create a community where students grow in their love for Jesus and live authentically as Christians. Every day, I see students make decisions to stand for Jesus in a midst of a system that does not support a Christian lifestyle.

Share a storyabout how God is at work changing lives and the world through your ministry.
Last year, Analeise came to Rec Week, our end-of-the-year camp, as the first representative of Greek InterVarsity. When I first met Analeise she had just decided to follow God again. She told me, “I am in the party sorority and I am not sure I am the type of woman you want to meet with.” I replied, “You are exactly the type of woman I want to meet with.” A few months later, Analeise wanted to leave her sorority because she didn’t feel like she fit in or could make an impact. She had been thinking about running for Chaplain (Bible Study Leader) but decided against it and was all set to quit in December. I was crushed. I saw great potential in Analeise for leadership and to have a positive influence in her sorority. But thankfully, God had other plans. Analeise was appointed Chaplain even though she did not apply and was now excited to be a light to her house. She shared with me that her grandmother had been a Texas Zeta and led Bible studies in the house and she was honored to follow in her footsteps. Over the course of the past two years, I have seen Analeise take great steps in following God. She is serious about her faith and wants all the Zetas to begin or deepen their relationship with Christ. She is passionate about serving the poor and will be serving in foreign missions this summer. She is excited about leading in Zeta and helping Greek IV to get off the ground next year. Analeise is my shining star. She is the reason I do what I do; to help students discover who God is calling them to be and help them to be that person. She has been with me every step of the way and I am thankful for her willingness to follow my lead and for her friendship.

How can everyone at Christ Church be praying for you and your ministry?
Please pray that God will continue to knit together a community of Greek students that want to serve Him while in a sorority or fraternity, that He will raise up leaders in Greek IntrerVarsity to move our ministry to the next level of influence and size, and for God to continue to give me strength as I serve students and the vision to see where He wants this ministry to go.

How can we connect with you and your ministry?
If you would like to receive weekly prayer updates about the ministry, please email me. If you would like to support the ministry with your financial gift please give using this link or talk with me in person.