Resurrection Hope

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

He is risen . . . He is risen indeed! Resurrection hope and power are available to every broken, captive or weary heart. I’ve mentioned in recent weeks that I sense many in our community are bearing a heavy weight; many of you are worn out, beat up or run down.

I no longer “sense,” but know this to be true as I’ve listened to the trials, temptations and attacks many of you have expressed in the past two weeks. What do you do in such a time? Let me offer a few suggestions: (one) lean into the Lord who loves you and made you; cry out to God, let your request be made known to God, listen for his voice; (two) lean into the ones around you; share your burden with your small group, friends, trusted community; (three) lean into those who are pastorally “over” you; seek counsel, talk to your small group leader, a trusted elder or wise counselor, one of the pastoral staff or me.

Take heart. God does his best work in these situations. Light shatters the darkness and life bursts out of the tomb. He is risen!

He is risen indeed!