Condemned No More

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

No one stands alone, not even the woman caught in adultery, who was brought before Jesus to be stoned (John 8). She was publically shamed by men who had no concern for true justice (where was the man involved?). Many of us once suffered a similar sense of condemnation, or maybe still do. In a congregation our size, we are bound to have those who know firsthand the shame and condemnation of sexual sin, adulterous affairs or other parts of our past that hang over us like a dark cloud.

The truth is, whether or not it’s so obvious to the world, we all stand before Jesus—broken, lost and thirsty for a similar encounter with Him. And so do our friends, neighbors and co-workers. That’s why we do the Alpha Course. It’s an opportunity for you and your unchurched friends to hear Jesus send away our accusers and say to us, “Neither do I [condemn you]. Go and sin no more.” It’s not too late for you or your friend to join Alpha.

On another note, for the next three weeks you will be invited to join one of our ministry teams. Please consider how God might want to use you, for the sake of His mission through Christ Church. Service is nothing but love in work clothes.

No one stands alone . . . in service to others. We stand and serve in the company of each other. No one stands alone . . . in their sin and brokenness. We stand in the company of Christ, our Advocate and Redeemer.

Standing with you,