Anglican Mission Winter Conference – Day 3

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

You might be wondering, “Why is there a picture of New York City in this update from the Anglican Mission’s Winter Conference in Greensboro, NC?” It’s because a forecasted heavy snowstorm convinced us to get a flight out of Greensboro last night so that we would not risk missing the celebration of our first service at the TexFed this Sunday.

The new flight routed us through New York, where Christine, Nancy and I had a long layover and spent some sweet time interceding for you in the airport foodcourt. Where else? We prayed for you and the mission and unity of Christ Church in the new season of community life that we launch with Sunday’s worship at the TexFed. May the Lord “open the heavens” in this season, words that Dr. Packer spoke over us, as you will hear in today’s video highlight.

Dr. J.I. Packer is one of the most influential leaders of the English-speaking church in the 20th century (and beyond) and the author of several seminal books, including Knowing God, a contemporary classic. It was a privilege to be his student at Regent College and see him living wih integrity and using his gifts as long as he has breath, now at the ripe age of 83. We are deeply honored to have a word from this elder-statesman of our faith. Listen to his greeting and blessing for Christ Churh here.

Grace and Peace,