Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Are you hungry for the Bread of Life? Last Sunday’s sermon focused on Jesus as Provider, Prophet and King from John 6. A Prophet bears God’s word, or message. In Jesus’ case, He was both the messenger and the Message. One of my questions for Christ Church was, “How are we doing, when it comes to listening to God’s Message?” The New Year is good time to evaluate.

I want to follow up with a couple of highly recommended Bible reading guides for you to consider. These resources offer a daily reading plan that includes just one passage, with brief reflections, questions and a prayer prompt. This takes about 15 minutes per day. These guides also include a plan for reading through the entire bible in a year, which would take an additional 15-20 minutes per day. Check out the following websites and subscribe to one of these guides today:

Encounter with God, published by the Scripture Union
Explore, published by The Good Book

May God’s Word be our daily bread. This week we celebrate the coming of Christ, the eternal Word who became flesh so that the world might know His unstoppable love. I look forward to worshipping with you Christmas Eve.

Peace on Earth,