Bright and Wild

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

For the past 5 years a short poem by Madeleine L’Engle has echoed in my soul at this time of year:

This is the irrational season
When love burns bright and wild.
If Mary’d been filled with reason
There’d have been no room for the child.

As heaven and earth collide in the cradle, at the birth of Jesus, we are struck with the powerful paradoxes of our faith. He became what we are that we might become what He is. God and man, fully both, united in one person. He began his life against the hard wood of the manger and ended it against the hard wood of the cross. Our High King, who is also Chief Servant, would wear a crown of thorns, an emblem of His glory. This is the irrational season, yes, but wise men and women know where to find life: at the feet of Jesus Christ, where every knee shall bow and tongue confess that He is Lord.

Come Lord Jesus, burn bright and wild!