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April 1, 2009

1. WOW! We’re pregnant again…
2. Forgettable Fact
3. Surf Report
4. Potent Quotables
5. Hmmmm…


1. Wow! We’re pregnant again…

…WITH EXPECTATION of what’s coming up in April!
(sorry, bit of an April fools opportunity… had to be taken)

April 2009
1 – a day for fools
5 – Palm Sunday, Potluck & PADDLE (1:30-3:30p @ Rowing!
10 – Maundy Thrusday Service, 7pm @ Hope Chapel
11 – Good Friday Service, 7pm @ Hope Chapel
12 – Easter Services @ 9am & 11am (S.A.C.) NO home group
14 –
15 –
16 –
17 –
18 –
19 – Sunday Worship & HOME GROUP, 1-3pm @ The St.Cyr’s
20 –
21 –
22 –
23 –
24 –
25 – STUDENT LOCK-IN! :: The 30-HOUR FAMINE (Sat 7:30am – Sun 1:30pm)
26 – Sunday Worship, (S.A.C.) :: “TAKE-DOWN” Service Opportunity
27 –
27 –
28 –
29 –
30 –


2. Forgettable Fact

The origins of the “Kick Me” sign can supposedly be traced back to the Scottish observance of April Fool’s Day.



~ Coming to a LOCK-IN near you (April 25): The 30 Hour Famine

~April Fool’s Day history: Does your family have a tradition of pranks?…

~ Monsters vs. Aliens Movie Review

~ Knowing Movie Review



“Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.”
~ Ralph Waldon Emerson

“It is not so important who starts the game but who finishes it.”
~ John Wooden


5. Hmmmm…

No Excuses

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” (Romans 1:20)

“Yeah, but . . . they didn’t know about evolution when Paul wrote this, right? They didn’t know about the big bang and Darwin’s theory. They didn’t have the Discovery channel. If they had, maybe Paul would have written this differently?”

Whatever your take on the dance between the terminology of creation and evolution, Paul’s words here stand as God’s Word. God is knowable from what He has made. What He has made, in part, is conveniently listed in chapter 1 of His book. Creation reveals Him. Who could create the universe from nothing without endless power? How could any being create the universe good if He were not God?

I’ve heard all the debates (and I’ve mangled a few arguments), but the first step to dismissing God is denying the reality of His act of creation. Some people are fine with that. Others want a lesser god. Paul said none of us get a pass for missing the obvious — that He made it all.

Think: What are some of the things God’s creation tells us about Him?

Pray: Thank God for revealing His character by what He has made.

Do: Make another list: Start it with two items — eternal power and divine nature. Follow those with other of God’s qualities that are obvious from His creation.

A Daily Devotional from, copyright 2009 Youth Specialties/Zondervan. Used by permission.

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