Student News-e-Letter #001

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

March 2, 2009

1. March Overview
2. Surf Report
3. Forgettable Fact
4. Potent Quotables
5. Soul Food

1. March Overview

March 2009
1st – Urban Plunge Begins
2nd – (would’ve been Dr. Suess’s 105th Birthday)
5th – (Potential) “Baby St.Cyr” Birthday
8th – Urban Plunging continues
11th – (another potential) “Baby St.Cyr” Birthday
14th – Deadline for “PATHWAYS” Seminar Early Bird rate
15th – Urban Plungers … Plunge-On!
Birthday of both Stephanie St Cyr AND Cliff Warner!
16th – spring bRIZeak!
17th – spring bRIZeak!
18th – spring bRIZeak!
19th – spring bRIZeak!
20th – spring bRIZeak!
21st – spring bRIZeak!
22nd – Urban Plungers keep getting Plungy-wit-it!
28th – “PATHWAYS” Seminar (for serious Students of Christ AND adults
serious about caring for those Students!)
29th – Service-Opportunity! “Student-Take-Down” after worship (12:30-ish)
(no this is neither a self-defense class nor a wrestling tournament)
and immediately followed by…
(kidding… Stephane’s Lunch is ON US… if available ?!)



~ “PATHWAYS” Seminar – Austin, TX (March 28th)
Youth Track Participants: For young people (9-12 grade) with an interest in Christian discipleship, spiritual practice, and church leadership,
Cost: $45–standard rate; $40–early bird rate (must register before March 15th!)
Fee includes tuition, program materials, bag, breaks, and lunch.
Adult Track Participants: Volunteer youth leaders, parents, youth pastors and directors, senior pastors, & anyone interested in ministry with youth.
Cost:Standard rate–$80 per person; Early bird rate–$65 per person (if registered before March 15th)
Location: Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church;

~ Following Jesus into College and Beyond (by Jeff Baxter)
Are you fully prepared to enter the “real world” after high school to become an adult? This book will help you get on the right trail, answering the right questions and getting the right gear for the journey.…

Mission G
Apparently drinking Gatorade is now a religious quest & mission? See for yourself:

~ All American Rejects “Gives You Hell” Review…



Fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails.



“There’s a whole argument in the relief world about whether aid undermines the social and political contract between the state and its citizens. But if the government can’t provide assistance, do you want to allow people to die?”
~ Paul Harvey

“If you’ve got a big mouth and you’re controversial, you’re going to get attention.”
~ Simon Cowell



Too Proud Not to Worry?

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:6-7)

Know any worriers? Some of us earn reputations with our friends and family for always worrying about something. The rest of us just hide it better. Once you get started, it’s tough to stop. You’ll never run out of good things to worry on — from fretting over unsightly blemishes and odd-fitting clothes to obsessing over who likes us and who doesn’t. We can fill our minds with “what if” thoughts about the worst things happening and “why not me” thoughts about good things happening to others. What triggers your worry instinct?

If you read these two verses together, they seem a little disconnected. They come at the end of a paragraph about humility. Peter writes that humility involves trusting God to meet our needs for significance (being loved, feeling respected, being “stable”) in His timing. Then he turns around and tells us to throw (not drop) all of our worry on God, because He likes us.

Of course, the ideas are not disconnected at all. Trusting God with our anxiety is an action of humility. Holding on to worry is an act of great pride. “I can’t let go of this thing; I’ve got to fix it.” The problem is that “fixing” is God’s job. Humility = trusting the God who loved you enough to give His Son for you and was powerful enough to raise Him from the dead. Pride = holding on to worry because God might not be able to handle your problem as well as you can.

What do we really think about God’s love, power, and goodness? The answer has a lot to do with how much time we spend worrying.


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